Installation is no different vs. NEW OEM, PEGA have manufactured our clutch facings to be a OEM fitment, that will make the same process for PIS & Clutch Setting the same (On Service Used Clutch set PIS needs to be re calculated). PEGA Clutch is Installed at GTE Engineering Pompano Beach facility .

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GTE Engineering specialty on Ferrari Maserati Lamborghini are:

- F1 System service and rebuilding
- Engine and Transmission rebuilding
- Service & Maintenance
- Electronic Diagnostic and Service
- Clutch Facing Development and Installation
- Technical support for Independent GT Service centers
- Race Engineering partnership & Race Car Diagnostic ( Partner with ANSA Motor Sports)


Racing clutches applications are subject to high specific loads.

For this kind of applications we offer high performance molded sintered friction materialsrunning against mating materials made of steel, cast iron or composite materials. Because we use innovative raw materials and processes, our products

have a high degree of stability in their friction coefficient.

Sintered segments produced by the PEGA Clutch are resistant to wear and noise, have an high and stable coefficient of friction and are able to withstand high


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Product Introduction

After years of Research and Development to Engineer a stronger street friendly and racetrack ready clutch material, we are proud to present Pega Kevlar Clutch, the best rebuild or NEW Clutch Disc Facing package offered on the market today. 

All Pega Clutch Products are tested and resembled to perfection exclusively for Ferrari, Maserati, gumpert,  Audi (R8), Aston Martin & Lamborghini cars.

PEGA FXSS KEVLAR Clutch Facing is the power you are missing!pega Clutch