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PEGA Clutch Lining vs OEM Lining

Lamborghini Aventador with PEGA FXSS Kevlar performance Lining

PEGA Clutch is a performance clutch facing product

especially engineered for Super Sport Cars.

Our line of products are for selected models such as:

Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Audi (R8), Aston Martin.

"SOON for PORSCHE 911 & BMW ///M"

PEGA Clutch have 3 type of performance Clutch Facings to offer:

pega fx4c- S "Super Organic" - pega FXSS Kevlar  - pega bfxx Ceramic

PEGA Clutch is able to service the used clutches as well if within OEM specifications.

We have new oem sets as well with pega Clutch performance relined.

PEGA FX4C-s "Organic"

PEGA FX4C Clutch facing is a Woven yarn friction material. Engineered to with stand higher standards in our industry. pega FX4C & pega FX4C-S can be used with rebuild clutch sets and is cost friendly.

FX4C- Super is a special woven material that is designed to work at high temperatures and has a low rate of wear. It is based on OEM Spec and has been reinforced with extra copper to increase friction perform. FX4C-S can dissipate heat, has very stable friction coefficient and steady work at high temperatures with minimal wear.

PEGA FXSS "Kevlar ®"

PEGA FXSS Kevlar ® clutch facing is our top of the line revolutionary Kevlar ® friction material. is a high performance, high friction, non metal composite material containing a high percentage of Kevlar ® fiber. It can be considered as an alternative for pega bfxx. It will resists high energy inputs. It is not abrasive to the counter material, is silent in operation and it will resist high pressures. The wear rate is low even at high temperatures.

- FXSS Kevlar ® can be used with BFXX ceramic in the same clutch, this will give a unique characteristic to the clutch as it will have Ceramic and Kevlar...

PEGA FXSS Kevlar ® is one of the best made Kevlar ® friction material in the world. Used for racing application and regular drive. it can resist heat up to 390c. PEGA FXSS Kevlar ® will with stand more and higher heat under more stress causing less clutch slipping and heat.

pega BFXX "Ceramic"

PEGA BFXX clutch facing is our racing brass & ceramic mix button product. Specially engineered for Trofeo/challenge application and Underground racing. BFXX Button facing can be considered as an alternative for FXSS Kevlar ® facing Kevlar ® material and offers many advantages.

pega bfxx It will resist higher energy inputs vs pega FXSS Kevlar ® facing. pega bfxx It is not usable for regular driving!. It is harsh in operation and it will resist high pressures. The wear rate is lower vs pega FXSS Kevlar ® and is a great product for racing applications.